Emotional roller coaster

Graphs and stats – @BNIWoking loves ‘em! Who would have thought that out of all the weekly debriefs and anecdotes from members and our frequent visitors it would be our financial adviser Matthew Parker of #CircleWealth that has our rapt attention. Since #lockdown and the start of our virtual weekly meetings, Matt has given us … Read more

Don’t stand still

In a feature presentation by Business Coach, Colin Mclachlan @ChrysalisPartners, warned that the current uncertain situation we’re all in is no reason for businesses to stand still. “Businesses need to adapt and grow to survive! The focus of all businesses must be to continually attract new customers and retain existing and recommended that the key … Read more

Takeaways to take in

Updates from members and visitors at weekly @BNIWoking meetings often provide a useful heads up on the news and this week there were a number of take-aways on the property market. This included news that the property market is beginning to show signs of revival. According to Chris Winser @WinserCharteredSurveyors: “Estate agents are saying that … Read more

If they want to impress, they’ll need the whole shirt!

This week, Carol of Carol Miller told us how the world has changed for PR It’s hardly news that the world has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic but among those changes there have been big changes around Media relations. These include: a decline in advertising- due to businesses being closed and especially … Read more

Practical Steps to be ready to bounce back…

Some great advice from the Business Coach in our group – Colin McLachlan of Chrysalis Partners Prepare Create a safe environment for employees – offer training How will visitors/customers perceive your working conditions? Check on employee welfare – communicate often, return to work options & offer training Communicate to your customers/clients Think about the content! … Read more

Virtual room reports some real recovery

It’s more than wishful thinking – businesses are coming back to life. Perhaps happiest of all is flooring contractor Ryan Ford, whose company @ldfflooring, has severely restricted by the lockdown, was finally able to receive a carpet and install it for a client. Many @BNIWoking members, sharing their weekly updates over #zoom, continue to focus … Read more

BNI Woking goes international

Networking with an international note for BNI Woking put a silver lining into the challenges of COVID-19 this week. As the group membership of Surrey based businesses continues to increase, we were delighted to be joined at our weekly Zoom meetings by a wedding photographer of Notblank, Richard Canendo González from Tomiño, in Galicia, Spain. … Read more

COVID-19 spin-offs

The impact of the coronavirus on businesses of members and visitors has been a huge part of news updates at BNI Woking weekly meetings. Following Sunday’s announcement by Boris Johnson of an easing of lockdown restrictions in England, many were more optimistic about returning to their normal work. Some of the group are involved with … Read more

Adapting to a new world

COVID-19 has created a new world and it’s meant businesses and BNI Woking members have been sharing updates on its impact on health and safety. For businesses that still have to go to a location or clients, it has become the norm already to wear protective clothing. Chris Winser, of Winser Chartered Surveyors, says: “When … Read more

Home owners thinking of moving

Home owners thinking of moving have been warned to hold off by one of Woking’s most experienced chartered surveyors, Christopher Winser of Winser Chartered Surveyors. Comparing the impact of this dreadful virus and its consequences with past recessions Chris says: “I’m not old enough to remember the Wall Street Crash and the depression of the … Read more