Adapting to a new world

COVID-19 has created a new world and it’s meant businesses and BNI Woking members have been sharing updates on its impact on health and safety. For businesses that still have to go to a location or clients, it has become the norm already to wear protective clothing. Chris Winser, of Winser Chartered Surveyors, says: “When … Read more

Home owners thinking of moving

Home owners thinking of moving have been warned to hold off by one of Woking’s most experienced chartered surveyors, Christopher Winser of Winser Chartered Surveyors. Comparing the impact of this dreadful virus and its consequences with past recessions Chris says: “I’m not old enough to remember the Wall Street Crash and the depression of the … Read more

Small business owners react to COVID-19 crisis

Homeless people, destitute in the current coronavirus crisis, have now got a roof over the heads thanks to the swift action by BNIWoking member Clarity Home Solutions which provides property management solutions for landlords and tenants. Anne Woodward, owner of the HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) business, which predominantly covers Central and Southern England, told … Read more

Clearing weeds in Lockdown

Andy Beckett, was the only member of the BNI Woking Chapter to attend its weekly meeting with a prop, a plasterer’s scraper for cleaning floors that he had adapted to meticulously clear the weeds that were growing between bricks on his driveway. “I keep looking for jobs to do so I came up with this … Read more

Helpful advice for SMEs impacted by the Coronavirus

Helpful advice for SME impacted by the #coronavirus at this week’s meeting from Stuart Wright a Partner at the accountancy firm Barnbrook Sinclair In response to questions over coronavirus employment plan, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has clarified the situation regarding directors or business office holders They can be *furloughed but the same rules already … Read more

The power of social media

Meetings at @BNIWoking are often peppered with the odd joke, remark or round of applause, something zoom meetings can never completely replicate, despite optics on participants and Emoji options. So it was noticeable that, despite this, members were keen to show their support for the work of Lucy Dean of @CanaryJamMedia on behalf of one … Read more

James’ Garden Gym

Business professionals are used to thinking outside the box, especially James Parker of My-Lock Locksmiths, who has used his usual puzzle-solving, locksmith skills to meet the challenges of being in #coronavirus #lockdown. Deprived of the opportunity to go to his regular gym, James has built one in his backyard.At the BNI Woking meeting, now weekly … Read more

Covid-19 Affect on Business

The team shared updates on how COVID 19 restrictions are affecting them and their clients, while team members and visitors also gave updates on what options are available to SMEs and advice on how business owners can, and should, be dealing with the current crisis. Cath Wallace of Kandula Consulting, a change management specialist, is … Read more