If they want to impress, they’ll need the whole shirt!

This week, Carol of Carol Miller told us how the world has changed for PR

It’s hardly news that the world has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic but among those changes there have been big changes around Media relations. These include:

  • a decline in advertising- due to businesses being closed and especially in print publications
  • reduced distribution of newsprint
  • newsrooms have been cut back and journalists furloughed.

Carol of Carol Miller Media

At the same time digital media is now king

  • Events and campaigns have shifted online
  • The line between PR & Marketing has become blurred and PR is also pushing content through owned social channels & influencers (frequently paid for) such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

The key for us all is how to adapt to the new world we now find ourselves in

One advantage is that the media, for so long spiralling into disrepute, is regaining public trust due to people’s greater dependence on it for information and news. Also:

  • Social media channels are now a primary source of entertainment and communication.
  • Social distancing and isolation have forced people to do everything online—from staying in touch with friends and family to buying what they need. In the future, online businesses will see a tremendous rise.
  • With this increase, which had started before COVID-19, it seems clear that the future belongs to the internet and social media, and it means that there’s no doubt that this is the place where you need to be during these critical times.

However, as we all know virtual has its limitations – The value of the human touch

  • There is a strong role and opportunity for PR to provide empathy, sensitivity and understanding of complex issues – focusing on underpinning the human touch that is lacking in a virtual, technological world.

This includes helping companies to find purpose and values:

  • A sustainable recovery will need to focus on profit, people and the planet
  • A key example is that while this will not be the end of globalisation, there is a new move to embrace ‘glocalisation’ – we have all been forced to turn to our local food deliverers, there is a new found appreciation of local and all that entails.

At present Carol’s focus is on supporting online business.

  • New business establishing its brand
  • Existing businesses seeking to branch out into the online sector or develop that area of their business
  • Business that is re-establishing itself after the lockdown period.
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PR is often misunderstood

In a report in PRWeek last week, a survey of 300 executives in a range of companies with more than 1,000 employees, found that over a third admitted that they did not have a good understanding of what the PR function does within their business 

PR is about getting your brand known and trusted

A PR campaign unlike an advertising campaign is a process of continuous work

It will promote the constant message that identifies you as a go-to source while adapting to the environment that you, your clients and your potential clients live and work in.

“But I don’t have the budget!”

The response for many businesses especially under stress is – I need PR, but I don’t have the budget for it – Carol’s response is to ask them if they have ever gone to buy a new shirt because they wanted to make a good impression.

When they reach the checkout, did they say to the cashier: “I want this shirt, but I don’t have the budget to pay for it.”?

man in shirt and tie

If they want to impress, they’ll need the whole shirt – not just the cuffs and collar!

For more information, please contact Carol at carol@carolmillermedia.com or take a look at her website https://www.pr-surrey.co.uk/

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