Home owners thinking of moving

Home owners thinking of moving have been warned to hold off by one of Woking’s most experienced chartered surveyors, Christopher Winser of Winser Chartered Surveyors.

Comparing the impact of this dreadful virus and its consequences with past recessions Chris says: “I’m not old enough to remember the Wall Street Crash and the depression of the 1930’s, however, I have vivid recollections of three economic recessions which lead to falling house prices, house repossessions, collapsed businesses and hardship.

Chris Winser

“Despite all that, we have always proved our resilience and each time the housing market has bounced back so while the COVID-19 is in a class of its own, as we get back to normal, why should the outcome be any different this time?”

Of course people have to move house or occupy business premises for all sorts of reasons he admitted but from his vantage point as a chartered surveyor who values property across central and southern England, he recommended members of BNI Woking and their stakeholders consider two things:

  • If you must move at this time go back to first principles and buy the house because it suits you or you have some overriding reason, not because you see it as an investment
  • If you don’t have to move, stay put, ride out the storm and let the dust settle before moving forward.