Adapting to a new world

COVID-19 has created a new world and it’s meant businesses and BNI Woking members have been sharing updates on its impact on health and safety.

For businesses that still have to go to a location or clients, it has become the norm already to wear protective clothing.

Chris Winser, of Winser Chartered Surveyors, says: “When I have to go and visit a property now I make sure that it’s either vacant or the occupant is going to be out of the house to ensure no one is put at risk during lockdown and social distancing. One lady, for example, took her dog out for a two-hour walk when I went to survey her home. I also make sure that I always wear gloves, mask and overshoes.”

Jack McGovern owner of Primus Heating and Plumbing Services and Rowland Belcher who owner of Brightlights Solutions, a team of electricians, also confirmed they are wearing gloves and masks when they are required to go to jobs for essential work.

Andy Beckett, chartered builder and owner of ABGM, says: “I’m currently revisiting all my company’s health and safety guidelines in light of COVID-19. As it is the onus is on business owners to ensure they have health and safety guidelines in place to protect the customer, the architect, the people on site and of course the business. It ensures everyone knows who is responsible for what.”

Andy has stopped work on all his current projects: “I would not want to be responsible for putting anyone’s health at risk so we’re keeping to the lockdown. When we do go back, we shall have to have less people on site to keep the work going and maintain distance.”