Pandemic factettes

Pandemic factettes of the week: Generation Z is more likely to subscribe to private health insurance. At a time when health is at the forefront of all our minds the insight was an interesting piece of information for the @BNIWoking team from Daniel Donoghue of Daniel Donoghue Healthcare Consultancy Ltd. For Daniel, a long-standing healthcare insurance … Read more

Making a difference and Check your Locks

Making a difference Sometimes it just takes one person to speak up to make a difference – and on this occasion it was Anne Woodward of #ClarityHomesSolutions who spotted a serious flaw and flagged it up to a local authority regarding its HMO Licences conditions. It stipulated that landlords couldn’t enter a tenant’s property without … Read more

Woking Council spokesman gives update at BNIWoking meeting

Today’s @BNIWoking visitors included @WokingCouncil business liaison manager @ChrisNorrington giving an insight into the work @WokingWorks is doing to support local businesses, especially as during the #coronavirus. Valuing the chance to touch base with Chris, our team of #Woking professionals were happy to give him our 10-minute showcase slot usually only offered to members. Chris … Read more

Good news is not over-rated

This week has seen a steady flow of grim news which made tuning into the group of committed @BNIWoking professionals all the more worth it. News that Ryan Ford of @carpets4landlords has placements for two new apprentices gave us all hope. For one thing the carpet and flooring specialists, which has a wide range of … Read more

Golden opportunity

I tend to try to avoid the “me” word in our blogs but this week I knew that @BNIWoking had just handed me a golden marketing opportunity and was very aware that of all people the one with PR & Communications business should not mess it up. But here’s the thing, thanks to lots of … Read more

Keeping cool

The cool of the early morning was very welcome at the weekly @BNIWoking Zoom meeting ahead of another working day in the 2020 #heatwave. Certainly, it’s not been much fun for Andy Dunn of #CleanlineInstallations installing cabling at a state-of-the-art recycling plant in high viz and protection gear. Although #locksmith James Parker has had an … Read more

Referrals and a lot more

Business referrals were flying around the virtual room at this week’s @BNIWoking meeting. In the week that the government eased restrictions on a number of businesses and travel, a number of our group of professionals are already reporting back on a pick-up of activity and interest in business. For Ryan Ford a co-director of @LDFFlooring … Read more

Virtual air bridge to Woking

Even as the government announces which countries England includes in its #airbridges list, @BNIWoking continues to have easy access to virtual air bridges with professionals outside the UK. This week the team welcomed #LauraVanaga, a public speaking coach from Latvia, as well as a return visit by Human Resources specialist, @KarenDolan. It certainly added some … Read more

Sitting pretty

It would seem that the world is coming out of lockdown looking a lot prettier than it did at the beginning of the year – and some of the @BNIWoking team have played their part in making that happen. Rowland Belcher of @BrightlightSolutions and his team have been recently had to fit more garden lights … Read more

Don’t stand still

In a feature presentation by Business Coach, Colin Mclachlan @ChrysalisPartners, warned that the current uncertain situation we’re all in is no reason for businesses to stand still. “Businesses need to adapt and grow to survive! The focus of all businesses must be to continually attract new customers and retain existing and recommended that the key … Read more