Emotional roller coaster

Graphs and stats – @BNIWoking loves ‘em! Who would have thought that out of all the weekly debriefs and anecdotes from members and our frequent visitors it would be our financial adviser Matthew Parker of #CircleWealth that has our rapt attention.

dangers of emotions graph

Since #lockdown and the start of our virtual weekly meetings, Matt has given us snack-size insights into the impact of #COVID19 on the economy and investments and this week, yet again, it won him the Presentation Oscar which entitles him to extended his brief next week from 60 seconds to 120.

This week’s emotional roller coaster graph gave an overview of how stocks and shares are faring and in truth it also reflected the mood of the country.

Other news included a reminder for people in businesses connected to property. Anne Woodward of #ClarityHomeSolutions, a real voice of authority on the subject, noted that the government has extended the Eviction Moratorium introduced when lockdown was imposed.

Meanwhile a helpful note from Daniel Donoghue to check in with him regarding @SecureHealth cover in case people worried about the cost of private medical care as hospitals start to reopen to self-paying and private medical insurance patients.