No stopping this team

Work goes on – even in #lockdown2 and @BNIWoking member stats for invoiced work and referrals continues at a steady pace. But there’s always time to share ‘watercooler’ anecdotes even though our weekly meetings still rely on zoom. This week it was Anton Botha of Multiprop Property Maintenance, #MultiProp #PropertyMaintenance, reported a major investment in … Read more

Emotional roller coaster

Graphs and stats – @BNIWoking loves ‘em! Who would have thought that out of all the weekly debriefs and anecdotes from members and our frequent visitors it would be our financial adviser Matthew Parker of #CircleWealth that has our rapt attention. Since #lockdown and the start of our virtual weekly meetings, Matt has given us … Read more

Adapting to a new world

COVID-19 has created a new world and it’s meant businesses and BNI Woking members have been sharing updates on its impact on health and safety. For businesses that still have to go to a location or clients, it has become the norm already to wear protective clothing. Chris Winser, of Winser Chartered Surveyors, says: “When … Read more

Home owners thinking of moving

Home owners thinking of moving have been warned to hold off by one of Woking’s most experienced chartered surveyors, Christopher Winser of Winser Chartered Surveyors. Comparing the impact of this dreadful virus and its consequences with past recessions Chris says: “I’m not old enough to remember the Wall Street Crash and the depression of the … Read more