Don’t stand still

In a feature presentation by Business Coach, Colin Mclachlan @ChrysalisPartners, warned that the current uncertain situation we’re all in is no reason for businesses to stand still.

“Businesses need to adapt and grow to survive! The focus of all businesses must be to continually attract new customers and retain existing and recommended that the key to this is having a robust marketing plan that links into the Sales plan, underpinned by effective strategies.”

Times have changed! Nowadays with the web and social media, prospects can find out so much about your business before they contact you. It’s therefore critical that the messages and the information you project into the public domain is positive and portrays what you want them to see. Get your messaging right.

Colin McLachlan
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Explaining the value of his expertise in helping businesses Colin said: “A good business coach is a trusted experienced business partner who offers new insight, perspective and guidance as well as providing the confidence to try new approaches whilst keeping you on track to achieve your goals.”

Sounds like the kind of support that could be of value to a wide range of businesses!