Takeaways to take in

Updates from members and visitors at weekly @BNIWoking meetings often provide a useful heads up on the news and this week there were a number of take-aways on the property market.

bni woking zoom meeting 2 June 2020

This included news that the property market is beginning to show signs of revival. According to Chris Winser @WinserCharteredSurveyors: “Estate agents are saying that the property market is a lot more upbeat and buyers aren’t being put off by the coronavirus, in fact the market seems to be picking up where it left off prior to the start of it all.”

This was good news for a number of people in the room whose businesses are linked to property, including builder Andy Beckett #ABGMContracts who has finally been able to complete the conversion of a small bungalow to a beautiful house.

Meanwhile, there was some synergy in news from Anne Woodward @ClarityHomeLettings who highlighted the frustration for some landlords who haven’t been kept up-to-date with maintenance issues during #lockdown and for those without the benefit of property managers services such as hers it’s caused a number of headaches.

At the same time Anton Botha #MultipropPropertyMaintenance touched on the #HomeMaintenance package he has launched during lockdown to address that very problem and explained that often landlords, property managers or even schools find it difficult to find someone to carry out the small jobs that continually crop up in any property.

A couple more useful nuggets came two members working in finance. Andrew Myall @DentonsWealth warned buy-to-let investors to be wary of mortgage repayment holidays as they will count against their credit ratings, while Matthew Parker #CircleWealthManagement produced staggering statistics on the money people lose out on by failing to inform their pension provider of a change of address.