COVID-19 spin-offs

The impact of the coronavirus on businesses of members and visitors has been a huge part of news updates at BNI Woking weekly meetings.

Following Sunday’s announcement by Boris Johnson of an easing of lockdown restrictions in England, many were more optimistic about returning to their normal work.

Some of the group are involved with services and projects that have come out of the current situation. AKPWebServices and Carol Miller Media have each been called on to support businesses that has moved online because of the impact of coronavirus.

The increase in reports during lockdown of violence against women due to domestic abuse was relevant to updates from Carol’s #PR consultancy, whose client is raising money for #WomensAid and Anne Woodward’s company Clarity Home Lettings in offering alternative accommodation to someone seeking refuge.

Meanwhile, Andy Dunn explained how his company Cleanline Installations, which primarily installs telecommunications systems, has had its first request to install Fever Screening Thermal Cameras, designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures