Practical Steps to be ready to bounce back…

Some great advice from the Business Coach in our group – Colin McLachlan of Chrysalis Partners


  • Create a safe environment for employees – offer training
  • How will visitors/customers perceive your working conditions?
  • Check on employee welfare – communicate often, return to work options & offer training

Communicate to your customers/clients

  • Think about the content!
  • Tone of message
  • Demonstrate you value them – think about an offer ; consider bundling
  • Remind your customers why they should be buying from you (differentiator/USP)

Strengthen your Marketing

  • Review & improve effectiveness of marketing materials; e.g. Social Proof – Testimonials!


  • Have a Marketing Activity Plan (short term and mid-term)
  • Seek many avenues of acquiring leads
  • Measure what is working

Adapt and be creative

Act with a Sense of Urgency

  • Be ahead of the competition and seize the opportunity
post-it wih sense of urgency written on it

Thank you Colin