Lockdown Advice – how to help your website to help you

No 1 – Let people know

At this difficult time, it is very important to keep your website up to date – make it clear:

  • Are you open, what hours? Will you go out to jobs?
  • What precautions are you taking to keep everyone safe?

Spring clean your website

Look at your website as a customer would and ask:

  • Is it correct and up-to-date (e.g. dead links?)
  • Can people find the information they need?
  • Do they know what they need to do – ‘calls to action’
  • Is it clear concise and easy to read and informative?
  • Have you got recent testimonials?
  • Are your key words used? These are the words that you think people will use to search for your products/services. If you want to know how to do this, contact AKP Web Services.

Accessibility, Security and ‘Legals’

Key points to check:

  • Does it perform properly on all devices e.g. mobiles, tablets, laptops, PCs
  • Do your images have ‘alt’ descriptions for screen readers
  • Has your website got an SSL certificate (the padlock)
  • ‘Legals’ as needed – Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Site Map
  • Secure reputable hosting- plus backups.
PC, tablet and mobile view of website

Joining up with Social Media

  • Does it link through to your social media – whatever you use: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter **
  • Are you active on that Social media
  • Do you quote your website address when you post
  • Do you have a ‘News’ feed back onto your website?

**All this is FREE – ask your website people

shows links between Google my business listing, website and social media

Other Thoughts and ideas

  • Have you thought about a blog for hints and tips
  • Or an FAQ section?
  • If you are thinking of selling online, will that be some or all products / slightly different products or services. This needs careful thought: platform, prices, payment gateway, deliveries.