No stopping this team

Work goes on – even in #lockdown2 and @BNIWoking member stats for invoiced work and referrals continues at a steady pace.

BNI Woking zoom room 24 Nov 2020

But there’s always time to share ‘watercooler’ anecdotes even though our weekly meetings still rely on zoom. This week it was Anton Botha of Multiprop Property Maintenance, #MultiProp #PropertyMaintenance, reported a major investment in gutter cleaning equipment 👍

It turns out that while the cleaning kit is great for responding to the many calls Anton receives at this time of year to clean gutters, the reason he’s smiling is because it also means he can keep his feet firmly on the ground and get around his fear of heights!

Cherisse Dealtry, the new CEO for @YorkRoadProject was one of this week’s visitors. We welcomed her update on the charity for the homeless sector, as it was our #ChristmasCharity last year and it seems even the #COVID-19 cloud has a silver lining.

Obliged to move out of its former premises, because it was unable to provide required protection and distancing, it was given the use of the former HG Wells Conference Centre by @WokingCouncil. This has given it the chance to up the number of beds it has from 11 to 32 and increase the number of clients it can help. 👏

Visitor @CraigGarnerElectrical gave everyone a wake-up call to a greener future as he told the team that he is getting more requests to install electric car chargers along with his many other jobs as an electrician.

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