Pandemic factettes

Pandemic factettes of the week: Generation Z is more likely to subscribe to private health insurance.

BNI zoom 13th Oct

At a time when health is at the forefront of all our minds the insight was an interesting piece of information for the @BNIWoking team from Daniel Donoghue of Daniel Donoghue Healthcare Consultancy Ltd. For Daniel, a long-standing healthcare insurance professional of more than two decades, the evidence reported on in @CoverMagazine confirmed indicators he has been seeing.

For those of us with children born around 1997 to 2012 it confirms that while they are perhaps the most communicative generation for whom technology is like a natural addition to their five senses, their mental wellbeing is more vulnerable almost as a result of their iGen savvy. Maybe they are wiser too?

no internet today James

Technology remained a hot topic for James Parker of @MyLockLocksmith because the fact remains that today regardless of what your occupation you need internet connection. For James his biggest challenge over the last week has been around his #broadband connection or lack of it from #BT.

Ironically Simon Isherwood of @Sitecit reported on the increasing number of requests he is now receiving to improve domestic wireless connections as more of us are now working from home in the #pandemic.