Making a difference and Check your Locks

Making a difference

Anne Woodward

Sometimes it just takes one person to speak up to make a difference – and on this occasion it was Anne Woodward of #ClarityHomesSolutions who spotted a serious flaw and flagged it up to a local authority regarding its HMO Licences conditions.

It stipulated that landlords couldn’t enter a tenant’s property without giving 24 hours’ notice in an emergency, but that could be a problem for tenants and landlords alike she told the Tuesday zoom meeting of @BNIWoking.

“What if there was a fire, would the landlord say to the tenant: “I can’t come around because I can only come to you after 24 hours’ notice” – I don’t think that would work?” said Anne.

As a result of her thoroughness as an HMO manager and her knowledge of the rules and regulations the authority has now corrected the error.

Increase in property break-ins

James Parker of @MyLockGuildford meanwhile, reported an increase in the number of repairs he’s recently worked on where homes have been broken into because people have not double locked their doors.

“Make sure you don’t leave keys in plain view – especially car keys and make sure your teenagers know that they need to double lock doors,” warned James.

James Parker