Clearing weeds in Lockdown

andy and his weed remover

Andy Beckett, was the only member of the BNI Woking Chapter to attend its weekly meeting with a prop, a plasterer’s scraper for cleaning floors that he had adapted to meticulously clear the weeds that were growing between bricks on his driveway.

“I keep looking for jobs to do so I came up with this idea,” explained the Chartered Builder who is like the rest of us making the best he can of lockdown – not easy for the owner of ABGM Construction who has been in the building industry for over 30 years.

“None of our projects are essential,” Andy explains. “So we’ve put everything on hold because I believe non-essential projects should stop until they lift the lockdown. I have only got one guy who’s attending to emergencies and he’s been doing couple of days a week.”

Nice work Andy!

weed remover