Thank you for the business

The @BNIWoking team totted up £45,000 worth of business thanks to BNI referrals at this Tuesday’s Zoom – not bad for a group of professionals in the midst of the current pandemic crisis.

BNI Zoom meeting photo 14 July 2020

It’s clear that while business has been affected by COVID-19 referral are flying across the group. One commons source in and around Woking and Surrey proved that there’s substance in the findings of a recent survey that said employers expect the number of staff working from home in the future to double in comparison to pre-pandemic levels. The report for the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is despite government plans to start getting office staff back into workplaces from August.

Andy Dunn of @Cleanlinecomms, which primarily specialise in providing small, medium and large businesses with quality telecom system installation, told the Woking team he’s seeing an upsurge in demand from companies moving or downsizing who need telecom systems to accommodate homeworkers.

Similarly, Simon Isherwood’s company @Sitecit is helping companies sort out their online data storage to enable teams to access them from anywhere. While for many that helps staff now working part of the time or full time from home, for Rowland Belcher, who runs #BrightlightSolutions, it means his team of electricians have easy access to relevant data.