Referrals and a lot more

Business referrals were flying around the virtual room at this week’s @BNIWoking meeting.

In the week that the government eased restrictions on a number of businesses and travel, a number of our group of professionals are already reporting back on a pick-up of activity and interest in business.


For Ryan Ford a co-director of @LDFFlooring and @Carpets4Landlords he reported that the return to work by suppliers has meant that his team has been able to meet a backlog of orders.

In common with members such as builders #ABGMContracts, #DentonsMortgages and stone merchants #Stonescapes, he’s seen an increase in people taking the opportunity to carry out home improvements.

The Tuesday meeting also benefited from updates by Stuart Wright of #BarnbrookSinclair on the new government guidelines on furloughing while Matt Parker of #CircleWealth provided an incredibly insightful bite-sized financial overview.

Changes to Furlough scheme

It all goes to underline the reason so many of our members value these meetings beyond the potential for work referrals. Sharing information and the support of the team from people within the #Woking area is invaluable. Beyond the familiar membership of #SMEs it’s an option we recommend to the many new army of #homeworkers from corporates.