Woking Council spokesman gives update at BNIWoking meeting

Today’s @BNIWoking visitors included @WokingCouncil business liaison manager @ChrisNorrington giving an insight into the work @WokingWorks is doing to support local businesses, especially as during the #coronavirus.

Valuing the chance to touch base with Chris, our team of #Woking professionals were happy to give him our 10-minute showcase slot usually only offered to members. Chris also gave us an update on the regeneration work happening in Woking town centre with a frank insight into the challenges caused by the current #pandemic. Unsurprisingly, he was asked a number of questions which added extra value to members and other visitors Richard Hiron of #TPLegal and Michael McGovern of #McGovernGroundworks.

We also had a helpful heads up from Simon Isherwood of @SitecIT on the way that scammers can trick their way into computer data. With both our #financialadvisor Matt Parker of #CircleWealthPartners and #accountant Stuart Wright of #BarnbrookSinclair giving an update following the Not #AutumnBudget announcement last week.