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Sitec IT, a family run IT support organisation provide their customers with timely, efficient and professional IT Support. We care about our customers, making sure they have the right tools for the job, imparting our knowledge to them and allowing them to help themselves. We pride ourselves in providing the right support and service at the right time.
We offer business solutions to our customers from ad-hoc support, for those odd one-off jobs, to fixed price contracts which allow our customers to budget accordingly and know exactly where their costs are.
Our product range goes from hardware to software, from Apple to Microsoft and all things in-between, if we can’t get it then you probably don’t need it!


I would like to take the opportunity to provide a testimonial for Simon Isherwood, Owner of Sitec IT. At Circle Wealth Partners we have used the same IT consultant for many years, due to an initial close relationship. Having listened to Simon discuss his work over the last couple of years we felt compelled to look into engaging Simons services. We have never looked back.
The process of transferring our services has been seamless and Simon has been on hand to recommend both new beneficial services and protections, as well as streamlining the previous set up, which having had Simons great help and expertise, we now understand was not suitable for the job in hand.
Simon and his team are available as and when required, either online or direct by phone, which is very handy for a business office reliant on IT servicing. It provides great peace of mind to have access to an experienced professional who does a fantastic job of making you feel that you are the most important client to him, although I can only imagine the work that goes into juggling his time.
So, I wholeheartedly recommend Simon for all your IT needs. Experience, knowledge and great customer care, Sitec IT have it all.

Matthew Parker – DipPFS
Financial Planner
Circle Wealth Partners