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I show your friends, family and colleagues how to save money with things they use everyday for their home or business. UW keeps things simple with our UK based award winning customer service.


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You know when you see a deal that you can’t miss? well that’s what happened to me when Aimee of UW told me about their incredible unlimited phone contract!
As someone who uses their phone for everything from running my business to daily entertainment, having a phone plan that isn’t restrictive is extremely important. so when Aimee told me about the Unlimited everything SIM contract from UW for only £20 plus the ability to add additional sims to the contract in future for only £10 each, I just couldn’t miss it!
Thankfully my existing contract was coming up for renewal so it was a no brainer to switch. Switching was easy and pulling across my existing number which was important for clients to be able to contact me was super simple.
Aimee was amazingly helpful throughout the entire process and I would be more than happy to recommend her to help save anyone money on their everyday bills. Thank You so much Aimee. I now never have to worry about my phone usage ever again!
James Parker