Advice for planning your 60 seconds

Step 1 – The Opening (10 seconds)

Sounds obvious but start with your name and the name of your business, then follow with something to catch peoples attention – a quote, a stat, a question – Mix it up each week

Step 2 – Your Introduction (15 seconds)

Highlight what makes you special, unique and different from your competitors e.g. there are many people who do your job, what makes you stand out

Step 3 – The Message (25 seconds)

Your main message should be working towards your dream referral. Mix it up, perhaps a story about overcoming a client problem, the next week something technical about your business showing your knowledge. The clearer you are the easier you are to refer!

Step 4 – Conclusion (10 seconds)

Be specific with what you want, generate money for the business, potential partnerships or company introductions, or something else. You want to leave the group with a call to action and a clear outline of how they can help.

In Conclusion

  • Treat your 60 seconds seriously
  • Put some effort and imagination into it
  • Practice beforehand

With thanks to Matt Parker for this Ed slot