2020 Roundup

On 23 March 2020 the world looked bleak as we all went into lockdown and COVID-19 created a new world and for individuals and businesses alike health and safety procedure became a number one priority.

@BNIWoking members providing essential services such as electricians, plumbers and handyman services very quickly had to invest in PPE for their teams. Meanwhile, even when restrictions eased, the means of returning to work was on hold to a very large degree for many such as flooring contractor Ryan Ford @ldfflooring and building contractor Andy Beckett #ABGMContracts because suppliers were unable to get essential products through to them.

For many of us who worked from offices such as Public Relations, Web Design, Insurance, Finance and Accountancy our businesses were held in paralysis for a number of weeks. Despite our client bases having been severely affected the virtual world came to the aid of members and their clients alike and a need to survive and evolve kept our businesses alive.

In this area we heard how telecom system installations were seeing an upsurge in demand from companies moving, downsizing or accommodating homeworkers and in this respect Simon Isherwood @Sitecit has also never been busier.

In a year that seemed so blighted the weather proved to be the silver lining for most of us, giving us a chance to follow through with government recommendations to get outdoor exercise. For #locksmith James Parker it had an unexpected impact as he received a number of callouts to clients opening more windows due to the heat and discovering window lock problems.

Our weekly reports have seen the amount of business exchanged through referrals has kept the group on track for its annual target. We’ve also had the benefit of an increased number of visitors including BNI members from South Africa, Spain and Latvia and new members such as Colin McLachlan @chrysalispartners, @CraigGarnerElectrical and Michael McGovern #GroundworksLandscaping.

This strange year – kept together on a virtual thread – has shown the value and strength of being a part of the support team we have at @BNIWoking. It’s also given us a chance to reflect on our values and the environment with Jack of @PrimusHeating and new member Craig both encouraging members to look at the greener options they are now offering customers and @CarolMMedia working on the launch of #CREST21, a new and exciting #SustainableBusinesses awards for Surrey.

It’s 2021 and we have everything to gain – join us on a Tuesday morning to give your business a boost. Contact us for more details.